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The company mainly operates fence nets, stainless steel nets, welded wire meshes, water-proof steel plates, Dutch nets, chain link nets, punching nets, steel grid plates, sleeves, barbed wire, geogrids, cover nets, and steel plates. Nets, plastic nets, waterstops, crimped nets, slope protection nets…



Stainless steel mesh 1.5mm hole size

Perforated metal mesh, a kind of metal mesh products, it can be used according to different requirements, punched with different shapes of holes, so called perforated mesh. Punc…


Buy welded gabion box/welded gabion basket

Application of welded gabion basket Control and guide of water or flood&…

Galfan Gabion Baskets Wire Mesh

1.Our company product various specificationa,models as per standards or custom request. 2.Using high qualit…

Municipal Wire mesh fence

Municipal road guardrail is also called urban traffic galvanized plastic steel guardrail.It is beautiful and novel, easy to install, s…

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Jieyang Xinxin Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Zhao Zhihua



Address: No. 20, South of Changshan Avenue, Hoyang Village, Meiyun Town, Rongcheng District,Jieyang,Guangdong

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