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Turfgrass includes many varieties: such as bluegrass, evergreen, cold-season, mixed-crop lawns, etc., and each turfgrass contains hundreds of turfgrass varieties. Among them, the most common is bluegrass, bluegrass Is the most used in the greening industry
Turfgrasses are mostly grasses and they have the following common characteristics:
1. The lawn leaves are many and small, slender and mostly upright. Most turfgrasses are vegetative and vigorous, and vegetative bodies are mainly composed of leaves. The thin and dense leaves are good for forming a carpet-like lawn, and the upright and small leaves are good for the light to transmit to the lower leaves of the lawn. Therefore, the yellow leaves and the dead leaves rarely occur at high density.
2. The green of turfgrass is one of the most important characteristics of turfgrass. Good turfgrass should have verdant green foliage, uniform green, and long green period. Generally, the green period of excellent cold-season turfgrasses is more than 200 days, and the green period of excellent warm-season turfgrasses is more than 250 days.
3. The growth point of the upper part of the lawn is low, and there are multiple protections of tough leaf sheaths. Such pruning, rolling, and trample will cause less harm to the lawn grass, facilitate the growth of branches and adventitious roots, and be beneficial to wintering.
4. Turfgrasses are mostly low rhizome, creeping or clump type plants, which have strong vitality and reproduction ability. In addition to seed reproduction ability, they also have extremely strong asexual reproduction ability.
5 Turfgrass has strong adaptability, wide distribution range, and good resistance to stress. Many varieties have strong adaptability to unhealthy environments such as cold, drought, strong light, hot, acid and alkali, trample, and pollution, and are easy to manage.
6. The lawn grass has a certain elasticity, is harmless to humans and animals, and does not have a bad smell and harmful substances such as juice that pollutes clothing.

plastic harvest bale net wrap for lawn
plastic harvest bale net wrap for lawn

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