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The socket wrench is composed of a plurality of sockets with hexagonal holes or twelve corner holes, and is equipped with a variety of accessories such as handles and posts. It is especially suitable for turning bolts or nuts with very narrow positions or deep recesses.
main application
For nut ends or bolt ends that are completely lower than the surface to be connected, and the diameter of the recessed hole cannot be used for open-end wrenches or adjustable wrenches and plum wrenches. Use socket wrenches. In addition, due to space limitations of bolts, only sockets wrench
The socket wrench is generally called a socket: it is composed of multiple sockets with hexagonal holes or twelve corner holes, and is equipped with a variety of accessories such as handles, posts, etc., which is especially suitable for very narrow screw positions or deep recesses. Bolts or nuts. There are metric and imperial sleeves. Although the shape of the sleeve is the same, the outer diameter and length are designed for the shape and size of the corresponding equipment. There is no uniform regulation in the country, so the sleeve design is relatively flexible. Meet the needs of the public. Socket wrenches are usually provided with a set of socket heads of various specifications and pendulum handles, posts, universal joints, screwdriver joints, elbow handles, etc., used to fit hexagonal nuts. The socket head of a socket wrench is a concave hexagonal cylinder; the wrench is usually made of carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel. The wrench head has a specified hardness, and the middle and handle parts are elastic.
There are two reasons for lengthening: one is to make it easier for you to reach hard-to-reach places, and the other is to lengthen the arm so that you can use the same force moment. It is convenient for you to remove some relatively tight screws.

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Iron horse stool support

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