Guardrail Plate

Guardrail panels use the deformation of soil foundations, columns, beams, and endurance plates to absorb collision energy, and force out-of-control vehicles to change directions and restore normal driving directions to prevent vehicles from rushing off the road to protect vehicles and passengers and reduce accidents Loss.
Common specifications: edit
Two waveform guardrail: 4320 * 310 * 85 * thickness
Three wave wave guardrail board: 4320 * 506 * 85 * 4mm
Two wave guardrail post: Φ114 / Φ140 mm × 4.0 / 4.5mm × height;
Three wave guardrail column: 1 30 * 130mm × 6mm × height;
Color: galvanized silver white, spray green, white, blue, etc.
According to the waveform, it can be divided into double-waveform guardrail and three-waveform guardrail.
According to the surface treatment, it is divided into two types: hot-dip galvanized wave guardrail and galvanized plastic spray.
According to the setting location, it can be divided into roadside guardrails and central divider guardrails.
The road wave guardrail can be divided into A-level and S-level according to the collision level. The S-type guardrail is a reinforced type, which is suitable for use on particularly dangerous sections of the roadside, and the A-grade is used for special highways. The commonly used roadside wave beam guardrails can be divided into five levels of B, A, SB, SA, and SS according to the collision level.

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