Iron Horse Stool

Iron Madden is also called Reinforced Maden. Reinforced stent, like plastic Maden, is an evolutionary product of Plastic Maden.
Product Features
Iron Madden is a replacement product of plastic Madden. It has high strength, anti-static, anti-shock, and increases the strength of the building. It is tighter than plastic Madden and cement. The most significant advantage is that it facilitates construction and improves efficiency, which is more than ten times the original construction with plastic Madden. [1] 
Common specifications are 70mm * 900mm, (height is 70mm, length is 900mm), 90 * 900, etc. It is generally made by welding the beam and five pairs of legs, as shown in the figure. Iron Madden generally uses 5.5mm low-carbon steel as the beam. The legs are welded by 4mm low-carbon steel by spot welding. The legs are coated with plastic to prevent oxidation. Generally, there are five pairs of symmetrical legs. During construction, the iron horse is evenly spread under the steel bar to support the steel bar, which is convenient for filling the concrete under the steel bar. Due to the structural science, the iron horse stool has been accepted by the majority of construction fields and quickly applied. [1] 
production process
There is a fully automatic buckling machine that cuts the steel bar and bends it into a shape similar to the letter U
2. Dip the plastic and dip the legs after heating the legs of Madden.
3. Welding, welding the Madden legs to the beam via a spot welder via a butt welder
Four packing.

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