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Traffic signage is a facility that uses graphic symbols and text to convey specific information to manage traffic and indicate driving directions to ensure road smoothness and driving safety. It is mainly applicable to highways, urban roads and all special highways. Must comply.
basic introduction
Traffic signs are divided into two categories: main signs and auxiliary signs.
There are four types of main signs: warning signs, prohibition signs, instruction signs and guidance signs.
Main role edit
1. Warning signs are signs that warn vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention to dangerous places;
2. Prohibition signs are signs that prohibit or restrict traffic behavior of vehicles and pedestrians;
3. The instruction sign is a sign indicating the movement of vehicles and pedestrians;
4. Traffic signs are road signs that convey the direction, location, and distance of the road.
Regulations on the color and shape of traffic sign signs
(1) The color of the warning sign is yellow bottom, black border, black pattern, the shape is equilateral triangle, and the top corner is upward.
(2) The color of the prohibition sign is white background, red circle, red bar, black pattern, and pattern bar. Among them, the signs for lifting overtaking and speed limit are white background, black circle, black bar, black pattern, and pattern bar. The shape is round and the way sign is an equilateral triangle with the apex angle down.
(3) The color of the indicator is blue and white. The shapes are round, rectangular and square.
(4) Except for milestones, 100-meter piles and highway boundary signs, the general road signs have blue and white patterns. Except for the location identification signs, the shapes are rectangular and square.
Milestones, 100-meter piles and highway boundary monuments are all guide signs. The milestones are set on national roads with white background and red letters; when set on provincial roads, the colors are white and blue; when set on county and rural roads, the colors are always white and black. The colors of highway boundary monuments are white and black regardless of the nature of the road.

Reflective road safety sign blank
Reflective road safety sign blank

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quality road safety traffic sign

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Reflective Aluminum Material Stop

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Cheap price polypropylene plastic road traffic signs

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