Steel Barricades

Construction iron horses are also called iron horses, construction iron fences, construction fences, municipal iron horses, etc., and their heights are basically 1.0 and 1.2 meters. It is mainly used to isolate roads and buildings from the crowd during construction.

We often see that there is nothing in the middle of some urban roads, and some vehicles will turn around and turn at will, posing a great threat to traffic safety. Since the appearance of the municipal iron horse guardrail, it has been very good to prevent this from happening. At the same time, for the municipal department, it can make the work very simple.
Why do you say this? The main reason is that the current municipal iron horse guardrails can well meet the needs of road safety, and to a large extent, can regulate traffic safety. In addition, there are various types of iron horse guardrails, so when the municipal company is carrying out construction, no matter what kind of road it is and what kind of guardrails it needs, it can make certain choices according to its own needs. Because of what materials and specifications of guardrails can exist, it can also provide more options for municipal companies.
Therefore, the iron horse guardrail can not only ensure the safety of people's road traffic, but also provide more convenience for municipal work. It is also because of such an iron horse guardrail that our lives can become better.

Heavy duty crowd control steel barricades
Heavy duty crowd control steel barricades

pedestrian road safety crowd control barricade
pedestrian road safety crowd control barricade

Removable Galvanized Crowd Control Barrier
Removable Galvanized Crowd Control Barrier

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