Solar Warning Light

Solar Warning Light No external power supply, no wiring, simple and convenient installation, no pollution. Let the side of the battery panel face the side with the sun during the day, which is conducive to the use of solar power generation and storage to play a warning role. At night, the warning lights are attached to the building On, turn on the power switch. This will serve as a warning at night. When it is used on the car, it can be placed in the rear window or absorbed at the rear of the car. This helps to absorb the sun. .
Features and advantages:
1.Solar-powered, no cables required, providing clean lighting energy anytime, anywhere;
2.Using lithium iron phosphate battery? Long-term, high energy, environmental protection? Maintenance-free for more than five years;
3.Super bright LED light source.
4.Integrated circuit management design, providing 3 pre-programmed flashing modes, and ensuring automatic fast charging in daylight and cloudy weather
5.Polycarbonate recessed shell? Durable, waterproof and dustproof.
1. Avoid dark and humid places to extend battery life.
2. Keep the lamp in a place with enough sunlight to store energy. It is best not to charge the battery once every 3 months when not in use to avoid damaging the battery
3. Turn off the switch during charging to extend the life of the battery.
4. Avoid dropping the lamp from a high place to protect the internal circuit from damage.
5. If the light is dimmed? It is best to charge in time to ensure sufficient charging time to extend battery life
Use range:
Building warnings, faulty car warnings, various warning fields.

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Solar LED warning road traffic light
Solar LED warning road traffic light

LED Solar Warning Light Flashing Warning Lights
LED Solar Warning Light Flashing Warning Lights

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