Water Stop

The water stop is made of polymer inorganic water-absorbing swelling material and rubber, and it is used to prevent the leakage of construction joints of various underground concrete construction projects, water conservancy projects, traffic tunnel projects, power plant cooling towers, municipal water supply and drainage, and other concrete joints material.
Formwork bolt holes and construction joints of reinforced concrete outdoor walls are the main hidden dangers of building leakage. They are usually treated with BW waterstops. PN (BW) water-stop strip is a new type of building waterproof material with self-adhesive properties, which is synthesized from polymer, inorganic water-swellable material, rubber and auxiliary agent. When it meets water, it can absorb water and swell, and crevice the gap between the old and new concrete to form a watertight plastic colloid. The product passed the ministerial appraisal in Beijing in June 1988, won the 1991 Science and Technology Achievement Award, and issued a certificate to become a nationally recognized qualified product. This product opens a new way to solve the leakage problem of concrete construction gaps and fills a gap in waterproofing in China. Product quality has reached the world's leading level.
Product performance
The product is a gray-black putty-like colloid, which has the characteristics of good weather resistance, anti-aging, anti-leakage and leakage resistance, corrosion resistance, easy operation and low cost.
The main purpose
PN (BW) waterstop is the latest and most ideal material to prevent and prevent leakage of reinforced concrete construction joints in various underground building construction projects, water conservancy projects, traffic tunnel projects, power plant cooling towers, municipal water supply and drainage, etc. It solves the problem that rubber and steel waterstops are prone to infiltration by friction.
Product Features of Waterstop
This product has the effect of swelling in water and "stops water with water"; it has a slow expansion rate, and its swelling rate is ≤50% of the maximum swelling rate after 186 hours of soaking in water. There is no precipitation of dissolved matter under the action of water immersion; the biggest difference compared with other hydrophilic swelling waterstops is that its hydrophilic swelling property has not been lost after long-term repeated swelling.
Quality Standard
a. The surface of the water-swellable rubber should be clean and flat, without scratches, bubbles and other impurities, and the edges should be neat. b. Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥ 3.5c. Elongation at break (%) ≥ 350 e. Hardness (Shore A) (degrees) 40 ± 3f. Hydrostatic expansion rate% ≥ 200g.

Factory sales Stop Water Plate
Factory sales Stop Water Plate

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