Waterstop Steel Plate

Another name: Waterproof steel plate.
In the box-type foundation or basement, the concrete of the bottom plate and the outer wall plate is poured separately. When the wall plate concrete is poured next time, there will be a construction cold joint. When this joint is located below the groundwater level, Prone to seepage. This requires technical treatment of this seam. There are many processing methods. Among them, the more common method is to set a water stop steel plate.
Generally, the steel plate waterstop uses cold rolled plate as the base material. Because the thickness of the cold plate can be uniform, the thickness of the hot plate is generally not uniform. The thickness is generally 2 mm or 3 mm, and the length is generally processed to 3 meters or 6 Meters long, generally three meters good for transportation.
Construction points of steel waterstop (waterproof steel plate):
Waterstop steel plate welding joint
The steel waterstop (waterproof steel plate) is a 300mmx3mm steel plate that is embedded when the lower concrete is poured, and the upper part of 10-15cm is exposed outside. When the next concrete is poured, this part of the steel plate is poured into it together. Prevents the infiltration of pressure water from the outside. Therefore, the water-proof steel plate has higher requirements on the welded joints, and no leakage points can occur, which affects the waterproof performance.
1. Every effort should be made to ensure that the water stop steel plate is on the centerline of the wall;
2. The welding between two steel plates should be full and double-sided, and the overlap of the steel plates should not be less than 20mm;
3, the corner of the wall treatment, one, the entire steel plate is bent; two, T-shaped welding; three, 7-shaped welding.
4. The support welding of the water-proof steel plate can be spot welded to the main reinforcement with small steel bars;
5. When the water-proof steel plate passes through the column stirrup, the penetrated stirrup can be disconnected to make an open hoop, which is welded to the steel plate.
6. The "opening" of the water stop steel plate faces the water front.

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