Fake Bamboo Fence

As a brand new guardrail product, the bamboo fence net has something that other guardrail products cannot match. Mainly used in lawn fences, green fences, scenic fences, etc.
The role and advantages of bamboo railing
The imitation bamboo railings are perfectly realistic, satisfying people's pursuit of nature and personality. It has the following characteristics:
1, strong decorative
There are many varieties and rich colors, which can be integrated with various environments. Users can choose different styles according to the regional environment to highlight their personality.
2, strong sense of art
The products have smooth lines, exquisite shapes, fashionable style, simple elegance, and stability. Some reveal the strong artistic flavor of ancient Rome, and some exude the classic charm of South American Maya. The external decoration and the inner charm are integrated.
3. Green and environmental protection
No rust, avoiding the anti-pollution phenomenon of sunlight reflection of stainless steel fence. The product is harmless to the human body.
4. Long service life
Non-corrosive, non-combustible, and non-deformable are the main characteristics of imitation. Because it is made in the factory with a mold, the quality of the product can be guaranteed to be uniform and stable, and the product has high strength.
5. No maintenance required
The surface treatment of imitation bamboo products are all made of anti-sunlight special outdoor paint, using high-tech airless spraying technology, the coating thickness is uniform, easy to clean, not easy to fade, without any maintenance.
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stainless steel artificial bamboo fence
stainless steel artificial bamboo fence

Carbonized Bamboo Chain Link Fence
Carbonized Bamboo Chain Link Fence

New design artificial bamboo fence garden fence
New design artificial bamboo fence garden fence

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