Anti-collision Bucket

Anti-collision buckets are mainly located on highways and urban roads where cars and fixed facilities in the road are likely to collide, such as: road turns, road entrances, toll stations, and entrances and exits of elevated roads, parking lots, communities, gardens, Gas stations, etc. play an isolation role. The anti-collision barrel is made of high-elasticity and high-strength modified plastic. When the car collides with the equipment, it can effectively reduce the impact force. Therefore, it can significantly reduce the car. With human damage. A reflective film is affixed on the surface, and an instruction label can be attached as required.
material ingredient
The plastic anti-collision barrel is made of plastic with good elasticity, high strength and strong performance. The plastic anti-collision barrel has a yellow body, and the surface will be covered with an advanced reflective film. When the light shines on it, it can achieve a reflective effect. clear and distinct.
special function
The plastic anti-collision bucket can be filled with water or yellow sand. After being filled with water or yellow sand, it will have the ability to cushion the impact. The plastic anti-collision bucket has a good effect on the traffic impact when it is filled with water or yellow sand. , But when you do n`t need it, you can easily and flexibly remove the water and yellow sand.
Functional principle
The reflective film on the surface of the plastic anti-collision barrel is clearly visible during the day and night, which can play a role of warning anti-collision. The accidental collision of the vehicle can play a buffering role, minimize the damage to the vehicle, and greatly reduce the loss of the accident.

FRP crash bucket
Light weight and high strength, strong anti-corrosion and weather resistance, resistance to thawing and moisture (water), strong overall disposable, good decoration. Its biggest feature is its low recycling value and it is not easy to be stolen.
1. Anti-collision bucket is filled with sand or water, with buffering elasticity, which can effectively absorb strong impact force and reduce the level of traffic accidents; combined use, the overall bearing capacity is stronger and more stable
2. Material is engineering grade plastic or FRP, and reflective film is engineering grade reflective film
3. Bright colors, large volume, clear and clear directions
4. Quick and easy installation and movement, no machinery, saving cost, no damage to the road
5. Can be adjusted with the curve of the road, flexible and convenient
6. Suitable for use on any road, fork, toll station, etc.

Plastic Water Filled Anti-Collision Bucket blow molding
Plastic Water Filled Anti-Collision Bucket blow molding

Anti-collision bucket reflective barrier
Anti-collision bucket reflective barrier

32'' Anti-Collision Bucket Road Safety Barrel
32'' Anti-Collision Bucket Road Safety Barrel

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